Really want to get me a Reo Mini 2.1 every time I drink at night but..

Continuing from the title of this thread, I keep going back and forth between the LP version and the regular version. One of the concerns I have is whether or not an LP mini 2.1 will not be as efficient at catching any overflooded juice. Also, I really want to get the brass RM2 as I am kind of a brass junky as far as color goes but that is only available in the milled version according to the website.
My options are to get the black wrinkle mod with silver RM2 and aluminum button or the black wrinkle with copper vein with a brass RM2 and brass button! OMG 1st world problems. Just want this to be perfect as I plan on using this mod over my vela as my daily driver. Any advice or help is appreciated!
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