Don’t Buy EPuffer!

I am brand new to vaping. I tried a variety of disposable brands. Most of them I didn’t like. I really like Logic brand from the US. Lots of vapor, and I don’t have to pull hard on them. I bought a bunch of them, but they are not sold here in Canada. I figured that it would make sense to get a non-disposable kit at some point.

Knowing very little about this stuff, I bought an epuffer nano kit. I just started experimenting with it today. What a waste of money! The battery lasts the equivalent of a few cigarettes. I need to pull insanely hard and slowly to get the tiniest amount of vapor out of it. The disposable cartridges are supposed to be equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes…more like a few cigarettes. Some of the cartridges don’t even work. I feel totally ripped off.

I just ordered an MVP 2.0 and some liquid. I’m hoping to have better success with this as a beginner kit. If I like it on the first day, I will order a backup and some more juice. I will then start planning on something more permanent.

Anyway, I thought it might be helpful for other beginners out there to know that epuffer is a waste of your money.

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