So, will I always be needing to buy more hardware?

Not talking about upgrades, but am referring to the hardware I have….

Still a newb so forgive the incorrect assumptions I’ve made along the way so far.

I’m using a Halo G6 and am doing in my carto refills.

I first learned that you can’t just refill cartos forever. So I purchased some blanks and found a local place to get liquid.

Refilling is easy in my opinion but after some time I realized that refilling cartos and then using them up at home was a bit of a waste of time. So I purchases a mini-tank. Now I’m reading that they don’t last forever as well and have to be replaced.

1) How long will a tank last before I have to replace it?
2) Is there another option I should look into?

I’d prefer an option where all I have to buy (assuming no battery issues) is liquid. Is this just not possible?

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