So whats the deal with steeping? Is it something you need to do with every juice? If so Then why doesn’t the manufacturer just do it for you?
Today i went to my local vape shop and got a bottle of OMG FML, its a cranberry lemonade mixture of sorts. I tried it on their tester Vaporizer and it was pretty good. Sweet hints of cranberry with a kinda tart sugary lemonade-ness to it. When I got home broke open the new bottle and put it in my setup it just tastes like a lemon, kinda like biting into a freakin lemon. If it hit it nice and slow it tastes like a burnt lemon, but if i hit it fast it tastes like lemon.
Would this "FML" juice be a candidate for steeping? Will it help make it not taste as crappy?
Is steeping just leaving the bottle to sit there for a while with the cap off?
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