Average lifespan of clearomizer heads?

I was planning on purchasing an Aerotank Mega and a Nautilus with my next paycheck in a couple weeks. However, I’ve been seeing mixed reviews regarding the lifespan of the atomizer heads.

First off, I’m a very heavy vaper, which I know will affect how long they last as well. But I’ve read ECF members who complain about their heads lasting only a couple of days (unacceptable in my opinion) where as other members praise these products and claim their heads last 10+ days (which I’d think is reasonable).

So first off, I’m asking for any input as far as your personal experiences with atomizer heads in your clearos from Kanger and the Nautilus.

At the same time, I’d like to hear your opinions on this… For the price of those two tank systems and replacement heads, I can get an EHPro kayfun clone, and order a few items off amazon to assist me in building the coils and whatnot. I don’t own a torch, so I found an inexpensive one on amazon, along with a recommendation from another ECF member called the Artistic Wire Gizmo which seems to make building your coils a snap. I even have a spool of kanthal and a package of rolled chem free cotton in that wish list. My physical location is very remote so the more I can simply order online the better.

Please keep in mind a couple of things before I ask my next question. First, honestly I’m accustomed to fill-it-and-go vaping. Quick and simple. Second, my last attempt with a rebuildable was a Genesis clone using SS mesh wick that I never got to work correctly, so I’m slightly hesitant to purchase another rebuildable even though it did look much easy to do in the Busardo video I watched where he reviewed the kayfun and Russian 91%.

So my 2nd question is (taking into account what I just wrote about easily refilling low maintenance tanks and my bad experiences) should I get the clearo tanks and just buy new heads regardless of how often they go out? Or would I be better off biting the bullet and getting the EHPro kayfun clone plus the items to go with it that I mentioned?

I know a lot of your first instincts are going to be recommending the kayfun. But before you answer with that, fellow heavy vapers, is it as easy to fill the kayfun on the go as it is to fill, for example, a carto tank or a clearo like the two I was looking to purchase? What’s the capacity of the EHPro clone for liquid in the first place? And can even completely uncoordinated sausage fingers build the coils and wick for it?

If the atomizer heads for those clearos last even 5 days then I honestly couldn’t complain regarding price (even though it WOULD add up) I wouldn’t mind putting the kayfun on hold for later. It’s what I’ve read where some ECF members go through them in two days or less that I simply can’t justify. But given what I’ve said, if extremely short lifespans on the heads is in fact the case then do you really think the kayfun is where I should turn to instead?

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