DBTwist e-cigarettes is coming soon

DBTwist full name is Decibel Twist, voice regulator electronic cigarette is a new product, this product is currently in the market is no similar product, in this era of increasingly health-seeking, in this era of electronic cigarette products gradually prevailed, economic conditions of people’s living standards rising, ordinary electronic cigarette has been insufficient to meet people’s pursuit of new things. In the old for the new trend of this society. DBTwist e-cigarettes in Shenzhen Angelol Technology Co., Ltd. Asvape R & D team of colleagues after a few months of hard times, according to today’s increasing demand for electronic cigarettes, have become increasingly demanding and developed new products. DBTwist e-cigarettes is the result of the ordinary in the original electronic cigarette on the improvement and innovation of products, the advent of this new product will certainly set off a new wave in the electronic cigarette industry. Voice regulator electronic cigarette is in the normal structure of the original cell bars, atomizer, smoke bombs adds voice control pressure regulating device and the formation of new products.

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