DIY flavors expires?


i wana share my question with you.

i have a lot of DIY flavors (FA , Atmos Lab,After8)
its around 20 flavors.

some of i have to use for a long time (maybe 1-2 years)
i didnt found myself spend a lot of flavoring on my DIY mixes, but i always want to try something i buy constantly new flavors.

is there any problem with them?will the expire at estimate date?or i can use it a while after
i store them in a cupboard , dry and without sun temperature 22’C maybe.

what can happen if i use one of them if it is expired?
it will be just bad taste?or i will have health problems?

nicotine / vg base is always fresh.i manage to vape almost 1 month after purchase (300ml per month :D)

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