Nicotine Timeline?

Hello, everyone –

I just started vaping last month. For the first week or so, I alternated analogs with 24 mg juice in a Kanger Protank 3 on an Ego Twist. Within a couple of days, I felt that was way too much (I also learned I don’t like tobacco flavours and that I’m not crazy about mint flavours, despite being a 40 per day menthol smoker). So I dropped to 12 mg, and quit the analogs. I haven’t had any withdrawal symptoms, and two weeks ago dropped to 6 mg.

Now I’m putting together a juice order, and I’m thinking of going down to 3 mg. Is this too fast a drop? I’d hate to end up craving at this point, but I’m just not feeling any need for the nic, although I’m enjoying the vape experience. I guess I’m just finding it all too easy, considering that I’ve been a smoker for almost 40 years. Not arguing with success, just a little nervous that things seem to be going too well.

Any advice from the sucessful quitters?:confused:

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