Worst nightmare of my life from vaping

I bought a vape thing for the first time today. I was kind of pulling on it all day, because it was fun. I’m a smoker, so of course I bought juice with nicotine in it. I liked the clouds. I was enjoying it. All was fine until I fell asleep.

I had the worst nightmare I have ever had, and probably will ever have. I am traumatized. I’m not even going to try to explain it, because I’m trying as hard as possible not to revisit the images that entered into my head. It is the only dream that has so blurred the lines between being awake and asleep that I still feel, after being awake for almost 2 hours since awaking, that I could be in a dream.

I have struggles already with panic and general mental instability, and this dream was the opposite of good for that. It was worse than bad. Upon waking I entered into an immediate state of panic, and grabbed a real cigarette and ran outside to smoke (I know, I know). Luckily I am staying with two close friends at the moment and they were still awake when I was finally able to wrench my consciousness out of the nightmare.

Not long after I woke up, I realized that the vaping must have had something to do with it. Sure enough, I search on Google and find tons of stories about vivid, terrifying nightmares and dreams. One man was so troubled by his dream that he felt permanently scarred. I’m tough because I’ve fought through times of instability, and I’m confident this will not drive me mad, but ……. it is testing even my sense of sanity.

Mostly, I’m ….ing pissed no one talks about this when selling you the product. There has been no widely circulated collateral that warns that this …. can …. you when you fall asleep.

If you’re new to vaping, be really ….ing careful. I’ve smoked for a long time–I’m not a super intense smoker, but even nights when I’ve been drinking with friends and smoked a whole pack or so, it has never produced anything like this.

Please guys, if you are prone to anxiety, dark thoughts, any kind of suicidal tendencies, or have a panicky personality. I would stay away from this …. or vape on the lowest possible nicotine level, if any nicotine at all.

I plan to stay up the rest of the night, because I don’t think the nicotine has left my system yet and if I have another dream like that it could do severe damage to my psyche.

Be careful, guys. Pray for me, if you’re into praying.

Much love,


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