Reos & bf atties = Pringles?

I grabbed one of the Nuppin v1s that’ve been popping up in the classifieds lately, since I really wanted a better squonk experience than the Magma I started with. I’m really impressed!

I wish I would’ve been a bit more patient when I opened it up and ran it for a couple cycles in my UC, because I can tell the person I bought it vaped grape through it last (mostly b/c now I gotta find some grape DIY recipes).

Deck sitting on one of my Tenderfoot stands

I had no idea how microscopic this atty was gonna be! I do really like how it looks on my Reo, though. Now I overspent my vape budget, & ordered a v2…

Now I gotta figure out what my next Reo will be, for the incoming v2. Kinda have my eye on one of the few Packers-themed Woodvils…

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