Time to venture into sub ohming… Kinda

So I’ve had a few various egos here and there, and I’ve loved them. My favorite has been the Aspire CF mod I currently have with the nautilus mini. I feel like it’s about time to step my game up. Kinda.

I want to get into sub ohming. It looks fun and the vapor is impressive. I’m not normally one to vape in public, but at my desk at home it’ll add some more fun to vaping I think.

I just don’t know where to start. I don’t really want to build coils or anything like that. I’d rather go with a tank that can sub ohm. Down the line I’ll start building my coils, but now I don’t want too. I want to see if it’s really for me first.

So my question of the topic. What are some good kits that are basically starter kits for this? I’ve been looking at the ego one, and the aspire cf variant. The aspire is a tad too big, so I don’t really want that. And to be honest I want more of a box mod.

I’m looking to spend around 70 for everything. Anyone want to suggest me a good box mod and tank kit that’ll help me sub ohm? Thanks for any help!

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