E-cigarette maybe harmful due to its flavored vapor

Ecigarette maybe harmful due to its flavored vapor
A recent study said that electronic cigarette was not healthy, because its flavored vapor can cause irritation of mucous, although the FDA has approved its steam consumption. Thus the conclusion of the study was written by James F.Pankow, a professor …
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Confirmed: Flavored Vapor of ECigarettes Damages the Lungs, Experts
Cigarettes have now revolutionized into what is known as e-cigarettes. Obsessed aficionado of these electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes better known as vapers bank on the idea that the vapors they inhale are far safer than the chemicals in tobacco …
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ECigarette Use In Youngsters Alarmingly Up: What Are The Dangers Of E
While smoking normal cigarettes produces smoke, using e-cigarettes produces vapor. The smoke from cigarettes is known to have several carcinogens. In the same way, experts believe that the vapor from e-cigarettes also contains cancer-causing chemicals.
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