Aspire Atlantis help!

Hi everyone!

So, I’m only *relatively* new to vaping. I started vaping getting close to a year ago with a pen vaporizer called the Infuse Edge, which is an Avail Vapor product.

I upgraded about two days ago to a mod called "Moxie" and the Aspire Atlantis tank thingy (I’m not good with the technical terms, though I know them in my head!). I’ve got a decent battery through Avail as well.

However, I noticed pretty soon after I started using my new set up that my Atlantis was making loud popping, gurgling like noises and was popping juice into my mouth! It didn’t bother me at first, but I like to research and so I started looking up what it meant.

The first thing I found: a flooded atomizer. So, I:

-gently q-tipping the drip tip/mouth piece in case there was liquid in there (there was)
-I swapped the wick a bit and primed it again with some juice to be sure it wasn’t dry.
-I milk shake sucked the hell out of it, to get the air bubbles out.
-I flipped it upside down and tried to burn off the excess liquid.
-I made sure that I could see the wick things at the bottom of the chimney near the teeth things.
-I tried taking the battery out of my mod and putting it back in (haha)

All of these things worked, for a few puffs, then it started shooting liquid at me again! It’s not a whole lot, but they’re pretty big, hot pops that generally don’t taste great if I lick them off the roof of my mouth.

I really like my new set up and I’d hate to have to get something different. Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this issue? I love the clouds this thing makes and it’s flavor is great. When it doesn’t pop, the hits are sweet and smooth…

My mod has a digital display that tells me:

That my battery is 3.8v
It’s 0.6 ohms, though without the Atlantis on my mod, the mod shows 9.9 ohms
When I take a hit, the battery uses 3.3v
I’m not entirely sure about my PV/VG juice ratio… I use 1.2% nicotine if that helps at all.

Sometimes, my display tells me "weak battery" but not always. Could this be the problem?

Any advice or help would be amazing and appreciated!

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