Found my flavor build!

I’ve been seeking my perfect flavor build in my Nuppins (v1 & 2). Tried both single & dual coils, various gauges, spaced, compressed. Nothing compared to the flavor I get in my Goblin. I was about to shoot a message to Pdib asking about the breath mint / urinal cake insert.

Then I tried a twisted 28g single coil in my v1. Ooh, that’s pretty close! So, rip the dual microcoil out of the v2, and double up on the twisted in the v1. Heavenly!

I use a machine screw out of a jar I keep various affixing paraphernalia in, that’s closer to 2.5mm than 2.0. Measured out at 0.3Ω on my Sigelei, & hot dayum I got it; THIS is the vape I’ve been chasing from my Reo!

That is all. Please drive through.

[emoji10][emoji100] [emoji709]

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