So I’ve got my IPV mini 2 and I’m a little bored right now. I’ve got my Sig-S that I’ve drilled out and my Mutation V3 sitting next to each other. I begin to wonder if the caps are interchangeable. The Sig cap is useless on the Mutation deck because of the difference in deck height. But the Mutation cap fits on the Sig cap. So I try. To my amazement I get better flavor with the Sig deck and the Mutation cap than the Mutation gets. So now I’m wondering. Has anyone else done this? What combos work best? Both decks have the same coil build so I think it’s legit. I am having trouble keeping the Mutation screws properly tight to work with my builds. So I’m thinking I like my Mutation airholes and if I could get a better deck I would enjoy it more. I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking this.
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