Switching to Electronic Cigarettes


Whether or not it was on your to-do list this year, quitting the cancer stick is something that you probably want to keep your business. We live in a society that bans smoking everywhere, to the point where policemen coming to your backyard barbeque telling you to put that cigarette out, doesn’t seem so far-fetched. While we don’t live in a society of Lucky Strikes and Mad Men anymore, it is undeniable that smoking is still a habit that is not going to decease anytime soon. The more intolerable society becomes, the more in some ways we glorify this need to smoke, an insane pleasure we take in the smallest of rebellious acts, even if it end up hurting our own health at the end.

This is not to say, however, everyone smoking is puffing that tobacco to make a stand against society telling us how to run our lives, the truth is while many of us started this way, kicking the habit is but a dream that nobody really tells us how hard it will be.

There are hundreds of remedies, and so-called cures out there, promising to rid us of our psychological and/or physical need of cigarettes. For many, the trials wind-up unsuccessful when we somehow have patches covering our arms and are chewing a case of $ 50 gum a day.

What many of these so-called cures do not account for is as much as an addiction to nicotine may be present; a physical habit of keeping our hands and mouths busy is also a very big factor for many. Call it habit; call it Freudian Theory of Oral Fixation, but whatever you call it, the reality remains this exists.

After all of these gum supplements, patches, prescription drugs and even hypnosis tapes, it is an utter relief that someone finally came up with a solution that in fact could be the first step to trading in those Marlboros. The invention of the tobacco free cigarette has revolutionized the problem of smoking. This electronic cigarette, which has a remarkable resemblance and feels to the real thing, uses water vapor to inhale nicotine without any of the drawbacks or health risks of normal cigarettes.

No longer do people have the burden of going outside every fifteen minutes at the bar in the freezing cold because there is no smoking in doors because now there is a smoke free cigarette that allows you to puff away anywhere. In addition, with only a couple inhales, you get the same nicotine fix that you get from an entire cigarette. This ultimately means, you end up saving hundreds of dollars, not by quitting cold turkey, but inevitably switching to a safer alternative for you and the environment.

While it seems to good to be true, the reality is that scientists have been working for years, researching an alternative like this, which could ultimately solve the problem of secondhand smoke, lung and mouth cancer and still allow smokers to do it successfully by weaning themselves off of nicotine and the act of smoking slowly. Now there are electronic cigarette store options all over the world, realizing this is a market worth investing in. And with all the benefits stated above, it should now be clear that the tobacco free cigarette is worth investing in for you as well.



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