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Rodu: Tobacco Control is Getting It Wrong
During his NATO Show session, Rodu looked at the fallacies and realities of two such alternatives currently on the market: smokeless tobacco and electronic cigarettes. … Unfortunately, similar misconceptions are being spread about the e-vapor category.

U.S. senator asks e-cig makers to cut TV ads
In the absence of Food and Drug Administration restrictions on TV e-cig advertising, manufacturers have been running commercials for more than a year. Lorillard's ads for blu eCigs feature celebrity endorsers, while ads for Vuse of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co.
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More Bad News for Altria: Regulators Attack E-Cigs
For Altria, e-cigarettes remain a high priority. Last December, the Altria Nu Mark e-cigarette subsidiary completed its national launch of MarkTen e-vapor products with a distribution network encompassing 130,000 locations. As Altria CEO Martin …
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