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Critics: House ecigarette tax would crush MN business
For Minnesota's growing e-cigarette industry, the House omnibus tax bill looks like a bust. Buried in the bill is a provision that would change the way e-cigarettes are taxed. Right now, disposable e-cigarettes or vapor used in reusable e-cigarettes is …
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Realistic-looking Ecigarettes less likely to help smokers quit, study claims
The survey's most intriguing findings relate to the impact of different types of e-cigarettes. Although cigalikes, which resemble tobacco cigarettes and are either disposable or use disposable cartridges, were used by three-quarters of the e-cig users …
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Tobacco giants fund ecigarettes LEAST likely to make you quit
The study looked at 587 people using e-cigarettes and compared those who used "cigalikes" versus those who used "tank" models. Cigalikes resemble tobacco cigarettes and are either disposable or use replaceable cartridges. The tank models, on the other …

Editorial: Ecigarette liquids: Bill on child-resistant packaging good idea
Contrary to popular belief, bipartisanship does exist in our legislature. And it's come out in a few beneficial ways this session, including in a bill that would mandate child-resistant packaging and warning labels on liquids used with electronic …
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