Roll N Smoke Electric Cigarette Machine – Five Easy Ways to Quit Smoking

Roll N Smoke Electric Cigarette Machine

It is estimated that about 1,192 people die from smoking related illness each day. That statistic is for the United States alone. With such a high mortality rate, it shouldn’t be a surprise that many people are looking for easy ways to quit smoking.

Though there are many methods available, such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and other products, many people report that these do not work and they always go back to cigarettes. So here are some methods that attack different aspects of life and should help the problem:

1. Hang out with Non Smoking Friends. Smoking is a very social activity, and most people find that they smoke a lot more when they have people to smoke with. If you make it a point to spend time with friends who don’t smoke (while you’re in the quitting process and while you’re building strength not to go back to the habit) you have a great chance of meeting success. Just be sure to explain to your other friends your reasons for disappearing. Roll N Smoke Electric Cigarette Machine

2. Stay away from activities that make you smoke. As previously mentioned, smoking is a social activity. This means that other social activities can increase your tendency to puff at a cigarette. Some common activities include drinking or going to bars or clubs and hanging out outdoors when at a party.

3. Have a 50 dollar jar. This is one of the best methods. Everytime you give in and have a cigarette, put 50 dollars away in a jar. (You can lessen the amount, as long as it’s amount that “hurts.”) At the end of the year, you will either have enough money to get yourself something really nice, or enough to get yourself a nice dinner. No matter what happens, the less money you have the better off you are. Remember, it’s one donation PER cigarette.

4. Find a healthy oral fix. Psychologists tell us that people smoke because of an oral fixation, which is why when people quit, they turn to other oral activities like eating. Find another thing to do with your spare time. Take up singing lessons or chew gum.

Of all the ways to quit smoking, the easiest thing to do is to quit cold turkey. I know that’s the hardest, right? Actually, if you wake up one day, torch all your cigarettes and follow the other steps previously discussed, you have a great shot of quitting and succeeding. Give it a try! Roll N Smoke Electric Cigarette Machine

After years of trying, I finally Quit Smoking!

Now I live healthier and still smoking … Roll N Smoke Electric Cigarette Machine

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