E-cigarettes Put the Environment at Risk

Ecigarettes Put the Environment at Risk
By some estimates, cigarette butts account for 38% of litter items worldwide and up to 21% of coastal waste. Most filters are made of the plastic cellulose acetate that takes up to 10 years to degrade. But e-cigarettes could be an even dicier …
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In Quakertown, a talk about drugs
Drug needles can be hidden in cosmetic bags, diabetic kits or empty cigarette packs, said Hornig. If you're seeing plastic soda bottle caps, shoelaces, Q-tips, cotton balls, cigarette filters or bent and burnt spoons around the house or in a teen's …
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Measures in the fight on tobacco and ecigarettes
Expand the current ban on sales of e-cigarettes with nicotine cartridges to minors, so that it includes vapor devices without nicotine, because cartridges can be purchased separately. (AB 216). • Include e-cigarettes in a special enforcement program …
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