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Kiwi teen ecigarette use spikes: A help or hindrance to smokefree future?
Electronic cigarettes are usually pitched as quit-smoking aids, but are they really a help or a hindrance to our smokefree future? More teens are experimenting with the devices, including teens who have never smoked. You have to wonder, have good …

Ecig Uncertainty – Part 2 : A safer smoking alternative?
Some say vaping is different than other smoking cessation methods, and works better than approved alternatives. “The reason vaping works, is it feels just like you're smoking, it takes care of both the nicotine addiction and the sensation of inhaling …
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Some businesses struggle to regulate ecigarettes
“I used to smoke a pack and a half a day,” said Kahlil, owner of Tennessee Vapor. “It took me three months to quit completely a pack and a half a day to only e-cigs. It's way better.” Dr. Hillary Tindle, an associated professor of medicine at …
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