Ensuring Maximum Performance for Your JOYE 510

Thousands of users around the world agree with JOYE line of e cigs are indeed the best devices that the market has to offer. They are inexpensive to get started and maintain with, courtesy their starter kits, which are extremely easy to use. At the end of the day, they are consumable electronic devices and like all such items, they need some maintenance from time to time for optimum performance. Here are a few steps to maintain your device and extend the life of the consumable parts. 

Your JOYE 510 batteries capacity will increase after a few discharge and recharge cycles. However, there will be a time when your device’s battery charge will start to decrease with age and use. There could be two reasons for this, either the battery contacts have become dirty and require a cleaning or the battery has been charged many times and requires a replacement.  By cleaning your threads on your battery you sure the battery gets a full charge and is able to deliver this power to the atomizer.  
How to clean battery 
It is best to use alcohol to clean the battery contacts. Remember to use very little alcohol to moisten the tissue because the device is very small and you don’t want it seeping inside the battery. After you have wiped the contacts with a moist tissue, use a dry tissue paper to remove any remnant liquid, for best results. Clean your battery contacts often and you will find your device performing absolutely great and at the same time extend the life of your battery. 
Many users also notice that as time goes on, the JOYE 510 e cigarette gives less vapor output. In fact, this is something that happens to all e cigarette devices regardless of the brand and vendor. If you are getting less vapor than when new you can try cleaning the contacts. If the contacts are dirty the atomizer will not make a good electrical connection which will reduce efficiency.  Atomizers are a consumable and have an average life of 14 to 30 days dependent on how they are used. If the atomizer is clean and vapor production is lower than when new it is time to replace the atomizer with a new one.
How to clean atomizer  
You can clean the atomizer with alcohol too, because it has the same kind of contacts that the battery has. Using a moist tissue wipe the threads of the atomizer until clean. Remember that after you have wiped with a most tissue, use a dry tissue to give the threads a final cleaning.  When the contacts are clean on both the battery and atomizer you will see noticeably improved output and simply better performance. 
You see, most of the maintenance you need to do with the JOYE 510 is simple wipe downs. Cleaning can be done within seconds and doesn’t require you to be an expert. This is why even novices find JOYE e cigarettes to be the best devices. They are easy to maintain and provide maximum performace. 

Joye 510 is the most popular electronic cigarette. This is the most user familiar electronic cigarette, that’s why this is called king of electronic cigarettes. It is the first choice for people who want to switch to e-smoking.

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