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ECigarette Risks May Not Apply To The Average Vaper
One of the fastest growing trends in the United States (especially among teenagers), electronic cigarettes are often touted as a safer and less addictive alternative to old-fashioned smoking. But after recent studies warned that e-cigarettes produce …
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MI Senate bans ecigarette sales to minors following teen overdose
Since March 13, there have been at least four cases of students having seizures, including one on a school bus and even at school, after inhaling Darth Vapor through an e-cigarette. State crime labs tested the substance and list it as a Schedule 1 drug.
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Senate's ecigarette bill comes up short
Vapor, including second-hand vapor, from electronic cigarettes appears to contain fewer hazardous chemicals than smoke from burning tobacco. That doesn't mean it contains no hazardous chemicals — which is why Gov. Rick Snyder is right to push for a …
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