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ECigarette Flavorings Can Be Toxic to Lung Cells
“Because these e-liquids are not FDA regulated, we don't know what chemical constituents make up all of these flavors,” Rowell said. “E-cigarettes are marketed as a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes because they don't contain tobacco or tar …
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2 of 9 ECigarette Liquids Tested High for Carcinogens, Japan Says
Two out of nine electric cigarette brands sold in Japan contained a cancer-causing chemical that exceeded the level contained in normal cigarettes, according to a study funded by the country's health ministry. The smoke produced by the e-cigarette …
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Ban on ecig sales to minors heads to governor's desk
"While this bill does not fully do that, it includes important provisions that prohibit e-cigarette sales to kids and require child-proof packaging for some nicotine liquids," Rodas said in a statement. "These provisions must be fully implemented and …
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