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What’s an E Cigarette basically?

E Cigarettes, popularly known as electronic cigarette are a device that will let you smoke without actually inhaling the so called ‘smoke’. Recent technology has allowed manufacturers to produce smaller and smaller gadgets. In 2003, a Chinese pharmaceutical worker named Hon Lik developed the first practical e-cig. Based on an idea conceptualized almost forty years earlier, the electronic cigarettes are a great alternative for smokers who wish to pursue a safer vice. To use e-cigarettes, the user simply inhales through the mouthpiece and an internal sensor automatically triggers the atomizer (heating coil), which warms enough to vaporize a solution contained in a small capsule within the mouthpiece. Since nothing needs to be burned, no lighter is required to operate an e-cig.

These are re-usable…


While it is true that some varieties of the E Cigarettes look just like a cigarette, most tend to look more like a ballpoint pen. Electronic cigarettes typically are of the reusable type with replaceable cartridges, but there are disposable varieties available as well. The smoker is still getting a dose of nicotine with the vaporized solution, but without the other incredibly harmful ingredients found in regular cigarettes. The known carcinogens in regular tobacco cigarettes such as tar, formaldehyde, isoprene, lead, vinyl chloride, and approximately seventy other types of known cancer causing agents are not found in an E Cigarette.

What does an E Cigarette look like?

Electric cigarettes usually look like elongated tubes. Some are designed to resemble real smoking products while others are designed to resemble pens. Colors will also vary from one producer to another. If you have decided to try electric cigarettes, the best start would be to search for more dealers before you decide which one will fit best for your style. The pen-like ones offer an even bigger and unexpected advantage. These are perfect if you want to disguise your ‘activity’ at the office. Some electric cigarettes are reusable containing replaceable or refillable parts. These are more common but there are also disposable electric cigarettes which are developed only for single use.

You will love them in Menthol and Strawberry flavours…

Surprisingly, some surveys show that the most requested flavors are those of menthol and strawberries. Flavors may vary from one producer to another but they usually range from traditional tobacco to menthol, chocolate, cherry, apple or strawberry. They also come in different quantities making the products suitable for both men and women.

It is usually recommended to have at least two batteries; one to use and one that can be on charge in readiness when the first battery stops working and requires charging. The batteries usually last on average for approx 200 puffs before needing to be recharged. When it needs recharging, the battery tip will flash. If you continue to draw on the e cig after the tip has flashed, it will eventually stop lighting up altogether which means that the battery is flat.

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