Put Down The Vape: E-Cigs Might Be Killing Teens’ Lungs Too

Put Down The Vape: ECigs Might Be Killing Teens' Lungs Too
That's the question on the lips of many a smoker. Potential benefits like decreased health risks and fewer restrictions on vaping in public have been touted by marketers and studies alike. But new research increasingly indicates that vaping is still …
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ECigs Are Harmful To Your Health Too
Leonardo DiCaprio, model magnet and environmental activist saving the world one e-cig at a time will regret to learn that electronic cigarettes are just as harmful as first thought. Although it won't be as big a blow as all those times he learned he …
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ECigs Versus Traditional Tobacco-What's Worse?
Ironically, despite having the healthier e-cigarette alternative at hand, many are choosing to continue smoking conventional cigarettes. Authorities think this may be because they mistakenly believe that e-cigarettes are as dangerous as their …
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