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Here in France a kid, sub ohming with a lousy battery and a Mech Mod Clone with out blow holes lost a finger or two, a few weeks back :evil:
Frankly, people that do stupid things with lousy material only have themselves to blame, IMHO (yeah, I’m a Lady Dog!)
It’s fallen on all the vaping community, and Ecigs aqre now DANGEROUS :? But in 3+ years of vaping, sometimes with really hacked up stuff, it’s never got to an explosion point with us.
If your battery or mod feels too hot, you obviously take it apart, cool it off, and then look for the error :mrgreen:
But people don’t seem at all interested in the workings of their ecig, and, with the spread of Bricks-and-mortar Vape Shops, they have a problem, take the ecig into the shop, where the guy fiddles around a bit, tries to get him to buy another ecig, and, if he won’t/can’t, sends him off with his ecig supposed repaired :( . But the vape shop owner knows eff all on reparations, even if he makes out to, often :twisted:
The days before we had Vape Shops in every road are not better than Network shopping.
You used to go on the forums for a problem, come upon a guy who DOES know what he’s telling you to do, and no explosion! People LEARNT :) .
Times have changed over the years and not necessarily for the better….

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