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KOOPOR Primus 300w

Mine should be in the mail today. I have been vaping for a few years. First off I didn't buy this to use at real high wattages. Long story short I needed a mod that could run the TFV8 for a longer period of time than my rx200. That mod will now be used on […]

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Correct watts to ohm in coils.

Should there be lower watts when using sub ohm coils in a standard atomizer like a mellow 3 on a pico mega? I'm no longer getting a burnt taste,but now my <a href="https://vaping.com/e<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid?utm_source=ECF&utm_medium=Wordlink&utm_term=E<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid&utm_campaign=Wordlink%20-%20E<a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”><a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>liquid has no flavor at all? Am I cooking it too hot? I'm running a .5 coil […]

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