Tesla nano 120w ?

Maybe I'm not looking in the right spots, I can't seem to find much info about this power <a href="https://vaping.com/vape-mods?utm_source=ECF&utm_medium=Wordlink&utm_campaign=MODS%20-%20Wordlink&utm_term=MODS%20-%20Wordlink&utm_content=SMOK%20-%20Wordlink” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>device.
Or maybe that's my first clue.

How securely does the battery cap close & stay latched?
My daily use requires a device that doesn't bump, rattle or vibrate the battery closure open.

Is the 510 connection high quality material / mounted in the device firmly (not glue or press fit) / sensitive to delivery device 510 depth?

Thanks, fo yo time…

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