VIC Product Spotlight: SmokTech X Cube II Mini MOD

The Smok
X Cube II Mini is the mini version of X Cube II
. As one of the most
accurate temperature-control MODs out there, the X Cube II Mini features three
new functions: intelligent coil recognition, adjustable temperature coefficient
of resistance, and adjustable initial resistance, which are designed to bring
your vaping experience to the next level. The new features are added to enhance
the accurateness of temperature control, and produce unexpected consistency and
taste of every puff. This MOD has 75w maximum output, Bluetooth 4.0 technology,
and a customizable LED that potentially illuminates in up to 16 million colors.
And there are a lot more functions waiting for you to discover.


About 3 hours



0.6 Ohm-3.0 Ohm (Temp Mode) 0.1 Ohm-3.0 Ohm (Watt

Control Range:
200 Degrees F-600 Degrees F/ 100 Degrees
C-315 Degrees C

Zinc Alloy and Stainless Steel

Discharge Current:
Should be less than 30A when the atomizer
resistance is 0.1 Ohm

·Upgraded Firmware

Coil Recognition

Under TC mode, the X Cube II Mini can recognize your
coils made of Nickel 200, Titanium, and Stainless Steel. The default
temperature sensing coil material is Nickel 200. The Titanium and Stainless
Steel coils are also available.

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance

Temperature Coefficient of Resistance is one of the
main parameters to characterize the change in resistance. The X Cube II Mini
allows you to adjust TCR values of Nickel 200, Titanium and Stainless Steel in
different ranges, thus further improving the accuracy of temperature control
and bringing you the best vape taste.

Initial Resistance

As temperature sensing coils tend to be sub-ohm, the
poor contact problem can make a big error, in a way that is not evident when an
atomizer is being used for wattage control only. This function is designed to
ensure your resistance on the load remains the same.

When it comes to an accurate temp control MOD that is
great for experienced and newbie modders alike, the Smok X Cube II Mini is the
way to go. Not to mention, if you are always on the go, this MOD is the ideal
device to take along with you.

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