It Looks Like Squonking is Making a Comeback

Wicking refers to
the ability of <a href="
eliquid_c_7.html”>liquids or moisture to move and help keep dry. In other
terms, it can be described as a scientific way of transferring moisture from
one area to another. When you talk of wicking, what comes to the mind is
fabrics, which are absorbent such as cotton to keep the skin dry. Well, in this
case, while squonking, wicking is applied to help in the rise of e-<a href="”>liquid from
the bottom of the squonk MODs.


Squonking is making its come back due
to the benefits that come along with it in vaping. It is also referred as
bottom-feeding because the <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>e-<a href="”>liquid can enter
the RDA from the bottom and it is portable as compared to carrying around a
tank that relies on vacuum to slowly replenish the wicking material. It
involves a squonking MOD, and a bottom fed rebuildable tank atomizer that
ensures that you get the very best flavor and vapor.

The market for them is expanding with
a variety of devices ranging from mechanical to regulated.

Benefits that are associated with
wicking include:

I. The wicks stay cleaner.
ii. It is simpler to change the wicks.
iii. The amount delivered to the wicks is the same amount as
the one squonked.

iv. The e-<a href="”>liquid is always ready to use and easy to carry

v. There are minimal messy conditions like over-dripping or

Steps on How to Squonk

A squonking MOD is needed, most
preferably, the one that has a removable bottle and a hole cut out. Push the
bottle gently to allow the e-<a href="”>liquid to rise and release it to return to shape.
By doing so, a vacuum is created that sucks the excess e-<a href="”>liquid in the RDA back
into the bottle. The only things left behind are the wet wicks and some
e-<a href="”>liquid. At this stage, you can vape for a while before the flavor diminishes,
after which you are required to repeat the whole process. Several squeezes on
the bottle after every few puffs is enough to keep the wicks coated and the
vape dry.

Squonking is something that you need
to try because it comes in various forms suitable for everyone. There are those
that are budget friendly especially those that have made their way from China.
In short, your options can only be limited by your financial capability.

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