Some Vape Stuff Shouldn’t Be Carried In Your Pockets

vape hardware, e-<a href="”>liquids and accessories
can become expensive and therefore they should be properly cared for. One way
to care for these items is to store them in proper areas. According to experts
and storage recommendations, you should never store hardware, e-<a href="”>liquid bottles
or their accessories in your pockets. Storing these items in your pocket can
cause a range of negative consequences.

First, let’s look at what could possibly
happen if you store vape batteries in your pocket. The heat from your pocket
could damage the battery causing it to malfunction. In an event that your
battery malfunctions, you will no longer be able to use it in your device. A
new battery for your device will need to be purchased. Also, if you have other
batteries or metals in your pocket, then more can happen than just a
malfunctioning battery. Heat plus batteries touching or batteries touching
metal can cause a reaction that can be explosive or shocking. According to
reports, if a metal item touches a loose battery, this could lead to an
electrical shock. Some vapers may think that this will never happen to them
because they do not carry metal in their pockets. Guess what, if you have loose
change in your pocket, then you are carrying metal. This is why you must make
sure to properly store your batteries in a battery caddy or some other
recommended storage in order to remove the possibilities of getting injured or
damaging your battery.

Next, not properly storing your products
can result in them getting broken. A quick slip of your e-cig into your pants
pocket could shorten the life of it. Your pants move and bend with you wherever
you go and they provide no cushion. So, if your pocket bends the wrong way or
you sit down too fast, bumping your side against a hard surface, then chances
are you will probably break your device.

Finally, you should refrain from
keeping vape products in your pocket because, especially with your e-<a href="”>liquid, it
can get damaged. The heat in your pocket can cause your e-<a href="”>liquid to change
color. For example, a red colored e-<a href="”>liquid can turn a brownish color. This
change is color occurs due to the molecules. When the temperature increases,
molecules tend to have more energy which allows them to interact with the
substances within the <a href="”>liquid or break down into reduced sizes. Though this can
cause the color of the <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice it will not alter the effects of the <a href="”>liquid once
you put it into your vape’s tank and inhale it. In addition to changing colors,
heat from your pocket can also change the flavor of your e-<a href="”>liquid. You may be a
fan of strawberry or peach flavor e-<a href="”>liquid, but if the heat disturbs the
ingredients, you may as well kiss your newly purchased flavor <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice goodbye.
Though the heat can alter the taste, you can still expect to receive the same

Overall, instead of risking your products by storing them in
your pocket, purchase a carrying case to help to save you money and of course,
keep you and your device safe.

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