Sticker Shock on this Squonker

The Palm by MMVapors at $540 to $640 is this over the top? You do get a wooden box and a nice case should want to store it. For me it's well past my limit, what is your limit for a nice squonker?

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Smok Alien AL85 or Smok IstickV8

Just deciding which is the better option…

I prefer the Alien for it's looks and features – but hate its shocking battery life

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HCigar VT Inbox DNA 75 – Bottle

Just got my resin red Hcigar VT Inbox


I only have one issue, the sqounking bottle is too hard!! I tried by Kanger DB 160 bottle but it doesnt fit.

Do any of you guys have a link to buy a soft bottle replacement that fits?
I've seen the fast tech multi-pack but thats just the same bottle!

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Anyone still using a Protovapor XPV?

I have one of the original DNA 20's that I picked up when it was the Flash Gordon rig of the time. Dug it out of mothballs the other day, charged it up and the thing still chugs along. Just wondering if anyone else still has one in use. Went to their web site the other day and it looks like they are/were still making them recently but I saw a post about health issues so I don't know if that is current info.

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Therion DNA 75 issue

This just suddenly started: The mod has dual batts in parallel. Initially both batts discharged at the same rate. Now only get power from the first batt. I have tried numerous battery pairs with same results. Mod is past warranty time. I can still use it but only get half the life I would normally get. Anyone with the same issue or ideas? Thanks!

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Suggestions Please

Hi all, I've been using two Kanger Subox Mini's for a couple of years now and really like them, but they are getting pretty beat up now. It's time for a new one.
I use the build deck, Kanthal Clapton wire @ .5 ohms, 30-35 W, 3mm diameter and cotton, love it !
I have been out of the loop now on the latest and greatest out there.
Question: Does Kanger make a similar setup with a larger tank and build deck ?
If not can you please suggest a similar setup,but with a larger tank…

Suggestions Please

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TFV8 coil problem

About 6 months ago I bought a Smok Alien 85w with a TFV8 tank. The coils that were originally in the tank worked fine, eventually though, the coil got burnt and I switched it out with a different coil that came with it. Right after changing it I took a hit and it was burnt. Then I remembered that you have to wait 15 minutes after changing the coil to let the coils saturate. After that the coil worked but only for a few hits only at 20 watts until the coil becomes burnt again. Is this because…

TFV8 coil problem

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Can you believe it? It’s almost Fall season, folks, and time
to enjoy the cooler weather and yummy fall foods. Fall is even sweeter at Vapin
In The Cape because we have the perfect, delicious e<a href="”>liquids to put you in the
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Prime Time Candy Corn
Nothing says Fall like those chewy little triangles of candy
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bag is full to enjoy the candy corn flavor!

Try Vapin In The Cape’s Prime Time Candy Corn e<a href="”>liquid. It
comes in 30ml size and is available in 0, 3, and 6 mg strengths. Bring back
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Granny’s Pie Peach

Imagine the days when you visited Grandma, walking into her
cozy little house, smelling the mouth-watering foods, she has prepared just for
you. One of Granny’s best recipes is her decadent Peach Cobbler! There’s
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Get your Granny on with the 120ml e<a href="”>liquid Granny’s Pie Peach
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Enjoy the Fall flavor we all love. All the world’s Grannies can’t be wrong!

Prime Time Punkin

It wouldn’t be Fall without something pumpkin flavored. Warm
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Celebrate the changing seasons with a new vaping experience.
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Vaping is safer, more economical, and much more enjoyable than cigarettes and
other tobacco products. Enjoy your Fall season with Vapin In The Cape!

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Massive Mod Failure

That's right, Massive failure has occurred over the last week in 4 of my <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>mods. First both of my Aliens went belly up and forced me back to using my favorite IPV5s which then proceeded to have power button failures. Luckily my new I Joy Captain had arrived in the mail, so I was not forced to resort to more archaic times with some of my single battery 50 watt <a href="” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>devices, or the clunky XCube II.
While I research new Mods to replace the Aliens, I am determined to try and fix some of the broken…

Massive Mod Failure

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Avoid Over-Filling Your Vape Tank

Overfilling a vape tank with <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>e-<a href="”>liquid can cause
multiple problems that no vaper wants, including damage. Gurgling sounds,
leaking, and <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice in the passageway are signs that the device has flooded.
This frustrating problem can easily be prevented by ensuring proper filling. Here are a few ways you can avoid overfilling
a vape to prevent damage from occurring:

Tilt and Rotate

Tilting the device at a 40 to
60-degree angle and slowly rotating while filling can ensure an even fill. The
angle tilted will depend on the type of device being used: cartomizers can be
tilted anywhere from 40-60 degrees, vape mod tanks should be tilted at about a
45-degree angle, and e-GO Mega Cartomizers should be tilted 40-50 degrees.
Remember to take it slow and check the level as you go.

Leave an Air Pocket

Leaving an air pocket at the top of
the tank is a smart and easy way to avoid overfilling. The air can act as a
vacuum inside of the tank by pulling <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice into the wicks. When you pull on the
device correctly, this vacuum effect prevents it from leaking into the air
passage. You should be able to see through the air at the top. If there is no
air then the <a href="”>liquid will leak and could potentially cause damage. This is a
complication that no vaper wants to experience.

Pay Attention to ML Markings

Another easy way to avoid
overfilling e-<a href="”>liquid would be to pay attention to the ML markings. These lines
are there to help you fill without using too much. These can also help those
who want to combine flavors. By using these simple marks, you will be able to
decide how much you want to use of each <a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice for a flavorful experience.
Again, the e-<a href="<a href="”>liquid_c_7.html”>juice should never go past the top ML mark. Once the <a href="”>liquid goes
past the top marking, it’s been overfilled and will surely be leaking.

Use a Syringe

Using a syringe is one of the most
effective ways to avoid overfilling. Syringes can show how much e-<a href="”>liquid is
being used before ever entering the polyfill. This can make it much easier to
fill and combine flavors. If nothing else, you should consider using a syringe
for an accurate amount of e-<a href="”>liquid.

As a vaper, you should always use caution when filling or refilling to avoid
damaging your device. Overfilling can lead to leaking, flooding and damage. To
avoid problems, you should tilt and rotate while filling, leave an air pocket,
pay attention to the ML markings, and use a syringe. These four simple steps
will make it easier to combine flavors, avoid overfilling, and prevent damage.

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